kormeli portfolio


Zappix transforms the experience of mobile customers. By unifying multiple communication channels, the Zappix Mobile Portal app creates the ultimate single point of access for events, e-commerce and customer service. Zappix is already a popular application in Israel. There, the service has grown rapidly to support hundreds of companies that now deliver streamlined customer service to over 150,000 Zappix users. Zappix Israel is on track to soon surpass 500,000 annual service events.

Background - The voice-centric nature of current call centers forces customers to use antiquated voice menus that lack the leveraging of new advancements in smartphone technology. Requiring users to listen and navigate through outmoded voice channels often prolongs service calls, lowers call center efficiency and leads to customer frustration. With over 1 billion smartphones worldwide, customers seek solutions that tap into their mobile devices’ ability to deliver better, faster, more satisfying customer service and communications with companies, government organizations and service providers. Zappix converts annoying voice menus into smart visual menus, providing the customer with a single point “mobile portal” that combines both voice and non-call service channels (e.g. web pages, social, chat, apps).

Designed to build customer usage and loyalty, the app is free to consumers and compatible with iPhone and Android devices.



TruClinic is a modern patient experience platform. TruClinic helps extend the reach of clinicians to engage patients outside of in-person office visits. The result: increased client use of provider's time, increased patient satisfaction, and increased revenue. TruClinic acquires new clients through direct sales and referrals and maintains 29 clients across the globe including the University of Utah and Sharp Healthcare



CareAngel has developed ANGEL, the world's first Artificially Intelligent Caregiver providing device-free care management and telemonitoring via telephone. She simply calls on a regular phone and the “2 minute Care Call” needs no smartphone, hardware or software required. She asks personalized questions and translates answers to predictive analytics, well being reports and alerts on the CareAngel caregiver app and dashboards.

Pet Pace


For people, early detection of disease and other health issues unquestionably improves outcomes, enhances quality of life and significantly reduces health-related costs. But pets haven't been so fortunate. Unable to explain their discomfort or distress, they may suffer in silence. By the time symptoms are detected and an owner realizes something is wrong, a simple health issue could become an acute, hard-to-treat condition. PetPace, patent pending technology, an array of sophisticated sensors, attached to a petss collar, seamlessly and continuously monitor vital signs and activity patterns. Big Data proprietary software is used to analyze newly collected information in a historical and breed-specific context. Data optimization is combined with a very sophisticated rule-based engine to quickly access a vast amount of decision-impacting information. When anomalies are detected, the system sends out text message or email alerts that enable pet owners, veterinarians and others to take swift, positive action. The implications of PetPace are ground-breaking. For the first time, the early detection of health issues, which has proven so beneficial to humans in terms of improving outcomes, extending quality of life and reducing treatment costs is now available to pets through PetPace.



InfiniteMD connects patients from around the world with the best Harvard-affiliated doctors in the United States. Using InfiniteMD one can Consult with a leading specialist from the comfort of his home. InfiniteMD will be with you every step of the way, provides trained medical team assists with records retrieval and can provide guidance on the best doctor for your condition. Utilizing easy seamless technology guarantees a quality consultation every time. All patients also receive a summary report that they may choose to share with their primary doctor.


Aces Health

The first end-to- end clinical trial management app for patients and researchers. Aces provides a solution to the $12B+ problem mentioned above by providing an EDC software as a service (“SaaS”) solution that leverages Bluetooth-enabled mobile medical devices to collect real-time data, that creates personalized patient engagement plans, and which provides real time monitoring of the clinical trialprocess throughout the duration of the trial.



The first mobile, clinical solution to seamlessly provide remote monitoring of an OB’s patient population in-between visits. Babyscripts has the unique ability to optimize clinical workflow and improve an OBGYN’s bottom line while leveraging the power of connected devices and data analytics to risk stratify pregnancies.



The largest telehealth provider in Latin America. Currently operating in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile and expanding to the US.


QoC Health

QoC Health helps health organizations take their digital health ideas to scale / commercialization with its patient-centered technology platform. Capabilities of the platform include patient monitoring, analytics, educational materials, secure communications, decision aids, planning tools and turnkey integration with existing medical records. Tools built by QoC Health have peer reviewed, published results demonstrating both improvements to patient outcomes & patient experience and cost savings using its technology.


Keep Livin

A patient engagement platform with a mission to eradicate health disparities that adversely impact racial/ethnic communities.



Carevoyance (US) is a data analytics platform that helps medical device companies expand their market



Overl.ai is an award winning digital self-service patient intake solution that combines machine learning and automation to improve data capture and patient experience.



VoiceITT (Israel) is a voice-translation technology platform for people with speech disability; compiling a proprietary sound bank of unintelligible speech for research purposes. The company has received several prestigious awards and grants from Philips Innovation, Verizon Powerful Answers, WSJ Startup Showcase, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Contest, and the Bird Foundation.



BrainFx’s tablet-based neurological assessment platform measures what traditional cognitive tests miss in detecting early or milder dysfunction from brain disorders (e.g., brain injury, stroke, dementia, mental illness, and more). Patients perform more complex cognitive activities that use real life context so that clinicians can receive immediate practical insights about patient strengths and challenges for targeted treatment planning, all while saving time.



b.well Connected Health puts consumers at the center of their healthcare. We aggregate all health care data and provide personalized care coordination and access to services in real time based on a consumer's own data. We empower consumers while benefiting payers, employers, and health systems with richer data, lower costs, and improved outcomes. We are a B2B2C subscription model with paying customers and are backed by notable healthcare investors including Johns Hopkins and the University of MD Medical Center.



CYBEXYS’s expert system (CARAT™) uses Natural Language Processing, rules and machine learning to capture the most accurate diagnostic codes (ICD-10/HCC) supported by the clinical notes used to calculate the Risk Score of each patient, which factor how much CMS pays Medicare Advantage health plans, ACOs, Commercial plans participating in the HIEs and Medicaid plans. CARAT empowers the calculation of proper severity and complexity of diseases, with their corresponding Risk Score calculation, for the patients in real-time after each provider-patient encounter. CARAT also automates retrospective reviews reducing the need for costly manual labor incurred by health plans and providers. Cybexys’ system is currently being piloted across three health plans with over 300,000 members.

Empower Capital

Empower Capital

Empower Capital is a financial engineered HSA plus program that ensures liquidity to all employees. A mobile first platform that optimizes the gap between high deductible contributions, loan repayments and loan benefits. Empower’s program is live at US Health Works.



FRND Health is reengineering the home healthcare industry by bringing care into the home for patients at high risk of readmission to the ER, a $16bn preventable problem, and execution of population health initiatives. FRND is an on-demand network of mobile registered nurses that make house calls on behalf of care management teams at payors and providers who cannot get home healthcare companies to close care gaps effectively due to time bottlenecks and business model inefficiencies. Because of FRND’s technology and business, the company reduces the turnaround time to visit from days to minutes, costs by 40%, all while keeping an 89 NPS score over 3000 patient visits. FRND recently signed a partnership with a 50,000 member Medicare Advantage Plan in the state of Maryland.



NarrativeDx uses artificial intelligence to identify actionable insights from patient feedback to improve patient satisfaction scores, increase referrals and reduce nurse turnover. NarrativeDX goes beyond survey scores by analyzing comments from rounding tools, satisfaction surveys and online reviews to help hospitals provide excellent experiences that drive up to 50% improvement in financial performance.



Quick’rCare is the global facility-to-patient matching ecosystem for immediate care. This platform allows patients to search, review, and hold their place in line with an immediate care facility. Quick’rCare helps patients and facilities accommodate non-emergency visits with less time. Letting patients get better faster. Quick’rCare is currently partnered with 32 ER/Urgent care facilities in 4 different states.



SaveMyScope has created a mobile phone adapter and application on the App Store that removes the need for physicians to use bulky, expensive video towers when using an endoscope.



FoodieBytes is revolutionizing the concept of eating out. This online service aggregates and offers money-saving deals for thousands of restaurants in major cities across the U.S. Users benefit by realizing BIG dining savings of 25-40% off the entire food and drink bill, including Drinks. Better yet, there are no limited-time coupons, no codes, gimmicks or tricks. After dining, the final check, reflecting the savings, is discreetly presented, so no one but you knows what was actually spent. That feature alone makes FoodieBytes a great, cost-effective way to impress a date, business associate or other guests. But there's much more.

The FoodieBytes 220,000-plus restaurant menu database lets you search, not just by restaurant or cuisine, but also by specific dishes. Recommendations are served up, written and posted by other Foodies. So if you're at a restaurant wondering, "What's good on this menu?" In a flash, you're able to find out from others, who have dined there, the best choices. Return the favor by taking a picture of what you ordered. Rate your selection and share that review with friends and family right from your mobile phone.