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Black Hills Corporation Offers a New Smartphone App That Lets Customers Visually Navigate Through Phone Menus Before Placing a Call November 1, 2013

Black Hills Corporation customers can also get one-click access to make payments, get outage information and other self-service options available to them on their utility’s website.

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Now an Easier Way to Contact a US Senator Using a Smartphone App October 24, 2013

Couldn’t connect with a US Senator during the Government shutdown? The Zappix smartphone app provides a “Super Directory” of US Senators on Facebook, Twitter, Email and even Phone.

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Zappix Mobile App Service Rolls Out in NYC to Offer Better Customer Care for Many New York City Companies October 17, 2013

The Zappix iPhone and Android app now contains over 170 key New York area businesses and organizations

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Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan on Zappix Modernizing Customer Service October 11, 2013

Technology Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan is available to speak with reporters, or may be quoted through this release.

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Village Fertility Pharmacy Transforms Multi-channel Mobile Customer Engagement with Zappix October 8, 2013

With the Zappix solution, Village Fertility Pharmacy was able to modernize their business process utilizing mobile multi-channel capabilities..

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Zappix Adds Multi-Channel, Self-Service Features to Mobile Customer Service Platform October 8, 2013

Our new features, allow businesses to completely transform their business process utilizing mobile multi-channel capabilities.

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Kormeli Funds Zappix Mobile Portal and Customer Service App March 6, 2013

Zappix, the Mobile Portal and Customer Service App company announced, today, that it has concluded its round of financing from Kormeli, LLC, a Boston-based investment firm headed by Avner Schneur. This financing will be applied to the continued development and roll-out of the Zappix mobile portal and customer service application for Android and iPhone devices nationwide. “This is a huge step forward for us now that Kormeli is on board,” said Gal Steinberg, Vice President of Zappix Marketing. “With Kormeli, it’s not just financial support we receive, but also the input of their seasoned entrepreneurs, who bring many years of invaluable business experience to the table.”

Avner Schneur, the President and CEO of Kormeli added, “We are excited about the Zappix technology and its enormous potential to improve and reinvent the Mobile Customer Service experience. Through direct access to all types of service providers from mobile devices, the Zappix mobile app eliminates typically annoying phone voice responses and reaches appropriate agents fast and efficiently. It also combines robust social media features to offer a high-value proposition for both consumers and enterprises, making it an exceptional, win-win investment opportunity. “

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PetPace prepares to launch a $150 collar that continuously monitors your pet's health January 28, 2013

By Scott Kirsner, Globe Columnist

Anyone who has ever owned a pet has had one of those visits to the vet where you wish you'd gone in earlier. Something easily treatable may have gotten more complicated, or perhaps Sparky has just stoically suffered through more pain than he should've had to.

A startup called PetPace is developing a product that could supply a solution: a collar that can continuously monitor your pet's health, and send an early warning to you and your vet when something seems amiss, via phone, text message, or e-mail. The company, based in Burlington, Mass. and Tel Aviv, is planning to launch the product later this year, according to chairman Avner Schneur. The expected price: $150 for the collar and a base station that collects data from it, and a $15-to-$20 per month subscription fee for the on-going monitoring service.

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FoodieBytes Introduces Prix Fixe Dining Offers   April 18, 2012
Boston, MA - FoodieBytes, the fun, innovative restaurant deal and "the menu concierge" site is pleased to announce the addition of Prix Fixe dining. These offers go into effect immediately at leading restaurants in cities and neighborhoods across America. Prix Fixe dining represents another culinary option to the discreet restaurant deals currently available through FoodieBytes that save up to 40% off your entire meal, including drinks!

Prix Fixe via FoodieBytes elevates dining and provides a whole new level of satisfying entertainment. Experiences range from special 3 to 5 course meals revolving around a particular food ingredient or wine to fantastic culinary preparations by Michelin-winning chefs. Best of all, each unique offer is yours for one fixed price.

The entry of FoodieBytes into set price dining prompted comments from Avner Schneur, the Founder and Managing Partner of Kormeli, LLC, a major FoodieBytes investor. "This is yet another example of the expansion underway at FoodieBytes," said Mr. Schneur. "We are delighted by the site's continued growth and how it is gaining increased traction with those who love both great food and great dining value."

As with the restaurant discount deals, Prix Fixe offers are reserved for a significant value on Prix Fixe online at the FoodieBytes site. Prix Fixe experiences, however, are usually for a limited time only. And there is no additional discount from the set price. Remember, too that FoodieBytes lets you change or cancel any reservation up to 2 hours in advance without penalty. For more information and to make a reservation, visit www.foodiebytes.com
Kormeli Invests in Ground-Breaking Pet Health Innovation   March 2, 2012
Boston, MA., March 2, 2012 - Kormeli, LLC, a Boston-based investment group, announced, today an agreement to provide major funding for PetPace, a promising, start-up enterprise out of Burlington, MA. PetPace is introducing a wireless pet monitoring device that, for the first time, enables the creation of a complete pet health record and the early detection and remote evaluation of a pet's health condition. The PetPace monitoring device is designed to provide timely decision support to critical constituencies dedicated to pet well being. In addition to pet owners, these parties include veterinarians, veterinary hospitals and clinics, research institutions and educational facilities specializing in animal health and behavior.

The funding announcement was made jointly by Avner Schneur, Kormeli's Founder and Managing General Partner and Avi Menkes, President and CEO of PetPace. "Kormeli is extremely pleased," said Mr. Schneur, "to bring PetPace into our expanding portfolio of emerging companies. It's especially exciting because we believe the PetPace monitoring device will revolutionize pet healthcare as we know it." Added Mr. Menkes, "This is an extraordinary opportunity for us at PetPace. We welcome Kormeli's critical backing as both an investor and advisor and look forward to working closely with them as our company moves forward."

With PetPace, patent pending technology, an array of sophisticated sensors, attached to a pet's collar, seamlessly and continuously monitor vital signs and activity patterns. Big Data proprietary software is used to analyze newly collected information in a historical and breed-specific context. Data optimization is combined with a very sophisticated rule-based engine to quickly access a vast amount of decision-impacting information. When anomalies are detected, the system sends out text message or email alerts that enable pet owners, veterinarians and others to take swift, positive action.

The implications of PetPace are ground-breaking. For the first time, the early detection of health issues, which has proven so beneficial to humans in terms of improving outcomes, extending quality of life and reducing treatment costs is now available to pets (dogs and cats) through PetPace.

More about PetPace
PetPace and its innovative pet monitoring application is launching soon. The PetPace technology is patent pending with multiple claims. For more information, visit the PetPace website at: http://www.petpace.com

About Kormeli, LLC
Kormeli LLC is an investment company founded by Avner Schneur that is dedicated to assisting and guiding early-stage technology entrepreneurs and enterprises. Comprised of experienced, all-CEO investors from other successful companies, Kormeli draws on this wealth of experience to establish a thoughtful path to solid business success. Kormeli focuses on building long-term relationships and providing deep, differentiated value at each stage of a company's life cycle. With a background of developing and running successful businesses, Kormeli brings deep strategic and operational expertise to its investment companies. For more information go to: http://kormeli.com/
FoodieBytes Helps Grandparents Dine Out Affordably   November 25, 2011
November 25, 2011. Boston, MA. - Foodiebytes, www.foodiebytes.com, the recently launched provider of online menus, an innovative "Menu Concierge" service and significant money-saving restaurant offers, is teaming with grandparents.com to make affordable dining available to millions of grandparents across the U.S. As a result, grandparents nationwide will have access to a recession-battling restaurant reservation system that lets grandparents dine and save at fine restaurants coast to coast. Through www.foodiebytes.com, grandparents.com users first select a restaurant by city, neighborhood or cuisine. After making a reservation (that includes a nominal booking fee), they dine out and realize savings of 25-40%, including drinks.

"FoodieBytes is on track to revolutionize the entire concept of dining out," said Avner Schneur, the Founder and Managing Partner of Kormeli, LLC, a FoodieBytes investor. "The service will deliver to grandparents a unique, high-value proposition that will allow grandparents, even in these tough economic times, to dine out affordably and discreetly, without the burden of presenting coupons or coded cards."

The no-gimmicks, no- restaurant coupons-or-codes aspect of FoodieBytes is key to the service's appeal. After dining, when the final reduced-price check is presented, no one knows what was actually spent or saved, except the person paying. This feature makes FoodieBytes a great, cost-effective way to treat and impress a date, business associate or, in the case of grandparents, their children and grandchildren.

"We are excited to be part of the FoodieBytes Network," commented Jeffrey Mahl, President of grandparents.com. "Our site visitors can now access a vast selection of fine dining opportunities, priced affordably. And it's especially great for our Club Members, who receive their first restaurantbooking free as another high-value benefit of membership. Saving on dining out has never been so easy and enjoyable. The seamless integration between FoodieBytes and grandparents.com makes selecting and reserving restaurants a snap."

In addition to dining and saving at a wide range of great restaurants," continued Mr. Schneur, "FoodieBytes has a fun, social networking aspect that attracts people of all ages." Users can inquire about or review specific dishes and receive onsite recommendations from other Foodies in pictures and text. Often, reviews are posted to the site from a mobile phone during the actual dining experience. For more about this unique dining service, visit www.FoodieBytes.com

About Grandparents.com
Grandparents.com is the premier community for the 21st century generation of active, involved grandparents, and offers one of every four Americans who is a grandparent enriching activities, expert advice, and a Benefits Club with benefits and discounts on hundreds of goods and services, including travel, entertainment and insurance.

About FoodieBytes
FoodieBytes is a revolutionary, online, restaurant dining site that brings food, fun, dining out and savings all together. The service has over 220,000 restaurant menus in its database and lets you search and choose—based on menus, locations, pictures, customer reviews and special money-saving offers—what to order and where, with up to 40% off the entire bill, including drinks. FoodieBytes continues to grow and now offers savings specials for thousands of restaurants in major cities across the U.S. including Boston, New York City, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
FoodieBytes integrates with TripIt to offer Destination-Based Dining Deals   November 16, 2011