kormeli, LLC
An investment
group dedicated
to funding and
guiding early-
stage technology


Kormeli's mission is to help entrepreneurs of early-stage technology companies overcome any business obstacles impeding their path to success. Through both investing and advisory guidance, our focus is on building long-term relationships and providing deep, differentiated value at each stage of a company's life cycle. Getting capital may be hard, but that's only one small step in building a successful company. Because we know how difficult and full of challenges a new start-up venture can be, our mandate is to provide funding as well as additional support every step of the way—from evaluating the initial idea, to developing a plan, to putting the building blocks in place. 

Across the growth continuum, our team of executives, highly experienced in sales, marketing, channel optimization, strategic partnering and technology operations help companies at every stage refine their strategies, build a framework for world- class execution and chart a clear path to business success.



Many entrepreneurs and management teams struggle with the technical aspects of business planning such as undertaking detailed market research, performing comprehensive competitive analysis and determining a market's size and growth potential.  Each of these initiatives is critical to formulating the best strategy and the correct execution tactics for a given company. The seasoned kormeli team has deep expertise in software business strategy, with a proven track record for developing rapidly growing companies and engineering high value strategies.